Amish Backroads Tour

The Amish Backroads Tour is a pleasantly narrated audio tour that directs you to Amish shops and points of interest in the Lanesboro/Harmony, Minnesota, area, “off the beaten path.”

We have been providing the tour since 2006 and find that many people like touring on their own schedule, at their own pace and in their own car rather than with a tour group.

Using your phone or flash drive in your car's USB port, you will learn about the fascinating history and culture of the Amish of Southeast Minnesota as you drive the tour route. Driving time is about 1½ hours and you can take as much or as little time as you like at each stop.

Enjoy learning about these wonderful people in the comfort and convenience of your own car, taking in the beauty of the backroads scenery and perhaps finding some Amish treasures and treats along the way!

You can now download and own the tour with a license for one device. Use your phone to listen to the tracks or copy the tracks from your computer to a USB flash drive (memory stick) and plug it into your car's USB port.

BEFORE YOU BUY: Please note that the Amish shops are generally open Monday through Saturday year round except for Christian holidays. We do not guarantee they will be open at any given time.

The Amish are not set up to accept credit cards for purchases but do accept cash and checks.

iPhone Users: iPhones will NOT download the files directly to your phone. They can be downloaded to your Mac and then opened in iTunes using your Mac or iPhone. The files can also be copied from your computer to a flash drive and played through your car's USB port if you have one. IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS WITH THE DOWNLOAD, PLEASE EMAIL ME AT [email protected], and I will respond promptly. (PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE STORES that rent the CD’s and flash drives as they are not able to assist with technical questions or give refunds.)

“We loved it! We met so many beautiful people and saw gorgeous landscapes. We will return with friends.” D.M. & J.H.

“Wonderful, peaceful. Very accurate directions. Delightful people!” C.N.

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